The Right Hire Makes a Difference!

Zenex Recruitment

“Greater Agility, More Accurate Submissions with Faster Response Rate.”

Recruitment by Custom-Designed Workflow

A streamlined, collaboritive workflow where employer and recruiter work on their strengths and the repetitive tasks in the workflow are automated.

Delivers a  Quality Hire – Confirmed Match—eliminating waste of Time and Money

  1. The First Step- One Size does not fit all-assessment of needs. The hiring needs are unique. What fits for one position will not fit for another.
  2. Sourcers- Use a blend of strategic sourcing and traditional sourcing to increase the reach
  3. Right Touch Points- Each talent passes through 2 stages of touch points- preliminary interview, online skills assessment test, behavioral interview- before being presented to the manager.
  4. Reference Check & Background Check- To Confirm the match: extensive reference check, & background screening is performed
  5. Thorough & Extensive On boarding - To make sure the candidate has all the tools and data to get productive from the 1st day of hire.