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I just wanted to take the time to thank Anshera, Neha, and Geneice and the rest of your first class team at Zenex Partners for everything you guys have done for me. I am very thankful for this opportunity I have here at Expedia, and I could not have done it without all your hard work. My experience with you guys has been absolutely wonderful and I would definitely recommend you guys to some of my friends, family and anyone else who could use your help. Out of all of the temp agencies I have been a part of, Zenex Partners has easily been the best and most efficient. Thank you again and if there’s anything else you guys need from me please let me know! Happy New Year again!



Amrit Sarathy

Amrit Sarathy - Classic Vacations, San Jose CA

My experience with Zenex Partners has been positive, particularly after starting my contract assignment. They emailed me all pertinent time reporting information on my first day, so that I was prepared to fill out my time sheet for my first week. I've worked with agencies where I had to request this information several times at the end of my first week. In addition, Zenex offers reimbursement for commuting expenses, which I haven't been offered from other agencies. Phone support is friendly and personable.



Christopher Heitkemper - Content Editor, Bellevue WA

I had too much fun with Neha and Geneice yesterday, thank you very much for lunch! Birk's is an extremely upscale restaurant. I was very impressed!

Thanks again for everything you guys do, I am a fan and supporter of your company for life!

Mark Bowman



Mark Bowman - Employee at Zenex Partners

Hi Neha

I wanted to send a note to thank you for the wonderful Edible Arrangement that I received on Saturday!  It was a lovely surprise, and so thoughtful!  Zenex Partners treats it's employees well indeed!


Many Thanks!

Heidi Franklin

Heidi Franklin - Expedia Seattle

I was one of those hesitant people when it comes to working with recruitment agencies. Friendly and knowledgeable, a Zenex recruiter immediately presented to me several jobs matching my skills. In a week, I joined a team of real professionals at a powerful company. I would kindly recommend Zenex Partners to anyone looking for a good IT job.

Eugen Felecan, Empower

I was extremely happy with the service Zenex Partners provided in helping me secure a position with Expedia. The Zenex recruiter was extremely helpful and professional throughout the entire process and was truly a pleasure to work with.

Robert DeAgazio, Expedia

I was contacted by Zenex almost immediately after I applied for one of the jobs that they posted on Indeed. They were really fast and prompt with almost everything, be it scheduling the phone/onsite interview or getting back with the feedback. They were really considerate about my requirements and comfort zone. Made sure that I was happy with the work place and co workers. Neha Verma went above and beyond to make sure that I was completely satisfied with the offer and worked with the Hiring Manager for it. I would definitely recommend Zenex Partners for job seekers out there. They have good connections with quite a few reputed companies and will make sure that you get what you deserve.

Full Time Zenex Partners Employee

Zenex has helped me grow in my field. The CEO is dynamic, encouraging, and helps motivate all employees. At Zenex personal interest is taken to scale the employee to the next level. Hard work is immediately rewarded with spot bonus and company get-together s. In spite of the tight economy, Zenex has been able to make strides and become stronger each year. Kudos to the CEO.

Anshera Contractor, Current HR Manager

I have only been with Zenex a short time; however Zenex has been very accommodating. They are always asking if I enjoy my work and if I have any issues or concerns.  They are not the type to forget about their employees.

Seth Macdonald, current employee at Zenex Partners

My experience with Zenex Partners was far better than what I expected and experiences with other firms. Ms Geneice Tarver was most instrumental in answering my questions promptly as well as her guidance, great attitude and support.

Alvin Baquiran, current employee at Zenex Partners

Zenex Partners are very friendly and knowledgeable.  My overall general experience with Zenex has been very helpful and professional.

Jeffry Ford, current employee at Zenex Partners

My experience with Zenex Partners has been wonderful. Geneice Tarver has contacted me on a daily basis to keep me informed with the job status. She has kept and maintained a great positive attitude and displayed interest to help me with my employment. This organization hasa great team and will go the extra mile to make customers satisfied and happy.

Gregory Van Leer, current employee at Zenex Partners

Dear Zenex Partners, Team 
thank you and appreciate your help! Fantastic job and I am very glad to be in a partnership with the Zenex Team.

Daniel Hagos, current employee at Zenex Partners

To staff members of Zenex Partners, - thank you for taking the time and patience to explain my role in my new position at SSL. Staff was very professional and kind.

Ruel Tongol, current employee at Zenex Partners

My time spent with Zenex Partners has been the most positive experience, above and beyond my experiences with any other recruiting agency. The staff has been very positive and inviting. They have shown knowledge and tenacity in finding me a position that is right for me.  Thank you guys,

Mark Steagall, past employee at Zenex Partners

My experience with Zenex has been a great experience thus far.  The whole process has been quick and easy.  I am impressed with how quick everyone responds to questions.

Chris Bojorquez, current employee at Zenex Partners

Neha is so amazing to work with; she exceeded my dreams for the perfect Recruiter. She is all about relationships, and she is excellent at developing them among candidates and clients alike. I highly recommend Neha to anyone looking to grow their business with someone who has a great eye for talent.

Bella Allen, Candidate

            I wanted to say thank you to Zenex Partners Staffing for contacting me regarding the Accounting Clerk position at Expedia. You are the best staffing firm that I've ever worked with and I truly appreciate your genuine help. I always felt comfortable with your team's cheerful and positive attitude every time we spoke. I don't ever feel like just another candidate with Zenex and I felt confident that you were looking out for my best interest. It is great to work with Zenex Partners Staffing and I will truly recommend your agency and staff to other candidates seeking job opportunities.

Thank you to all,


Linda Alvarez - Employee

My experience with Zenex Partners made getting employment very easy and not stressful. The staff has been very helpful and has answered all my questions very promptly. The excellent help has followed through after the job commenced always there to answer any questions I have. I look forward to working with them throughout the term of employment.

Sandra Khulman: Sr Internal Auditor in Bellevue WA

Working with Zenex Partners has been great! In a matter of a few days, I had the job of my dreams with a great company, HOTWIRE.COM. Visionary assistance from my Zenex representative; She is incredible with follow up and dedicated help, always there when I need assistance! I cannot say enough about how great she and Zenex are!

Bradley D Alford - Expedia HotWire