"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."
-M. Gandhi

Success Stories

Our Customers are our Evangelists!

We have stood true to our mission of Empowering & Transforming Lives by creating opportunities and bridging the gap between companies and workforce.

We have added  1,500,000 workforce in the past 10 years and boosted the economy.

We have grown without a sales team. Only by word of mouth!

We are honored to continue serving our first client from 11 years ago...

"I started working with Neha and Zenex when she started the business and have continued to work with her for the past 11 years. Neha is a person of integrity, which is something that is sorely missed in the recruiting world. She listens to your needs and then has the ability to find the right person for the job and for the company. She is always my "go to" recruiter. She has a great sense of humor, understands the technology and is fun to work with."

-Karen Chernoff, Director of Human Resource, Mocana

Client Success Stories

Contract Clients


We have provided more than 1000 Temp workforce in the past 5 years for Expedia

Ellie Mae

We have provided more than 100 temp hires in accounting and finance in the past 3 years


We have provided more than 200 temp hires in past 4 years

Direct Hires


Built an entire engineering team of 40 people in the year 2000 and are continuing to



We are supporting and building the HR/ Operation/ Administrative Team from grounds up and help scale the startup.


We built the entire engineering - technology team of 40+ people in the year of 2013 & continue to support them