We Love What We Do!
Work is Love Made Visible.

About Us

Our Work - Our Happy Place

Inspired Work - Higher Vision

“At Zenex our vision is to be the Premier Partner of choice for our Companies and Workforce by accelerating their success through our use of service and our culture of matching the right talent to the right opportunity.”

The 3 E's of Zenex

Excellence + Expertise + Efficiency = Effectiveness

Excellence is about the quality of mind & awareness

Expertise is the domain skills & knowledge

Efficiency is the application of the above, to attain the desired result promptly & profitably.

The Zenex Core is trained in:

  • The 3 E's of Zenex
  • Defining the Goal
  • Love the action not the result
  • Each giving their best
  • Dropping all differences & coming together
  • Team Work
  • Result shared by ALL

We drop our regrets; We drop our anxieties; We drop our tension.

We work to Move Forward.